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Category: Feature

First Place
Søren Bidstrup/Berlingske
"Trump, Kennedy and Washington"


Second Place
Adam Dean/National Geographic
"Overfishing the South China Sea"


Third Place
Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press
"Treating a Patient"


Award of Excellence
Lars Just


Award of Excellence
Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post
"Life Companions"


Award of Excellence
Nora Lorek
"A Family of Strangers"


Award of Excellence
Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times


Award of Excellence
Lisa Krantz/San Antonio Express-News


Award of Excellence
Dawid Zieliński/Magazyn Kontakt



Award of Excellence


Solitary migrant is illuminated by his mobile phone screen. With journeys lasting weeks or even months communication with family and friends remains vital. In 2015, Idomeni, a small village close to Greek/Macedonian border, became an informal crossing point for thousands of refugees travelling the so-called Balkan Route. When Macedonia closed its borders for asylum seekers and migrants in March 2016, those who were denied entry set up camp in the vicinity of the railway station, hoping the border would open soon. Unofficial camp quickly grew to accommodate as many as 12-15 thousand people (according to different accounts). On May 24th, 2016 Greek authorities began moving refugees out of Idomeni Camp to various facilities, mostly in and around Thessaloniki.



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