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Category: Recreational Sports

First Place
Edgard De Bono
"Boxing club Havana"

Second Place
Billy Weeks

Third Place
Francisco Seco/AP
"Spain Daily Life"

Award of Excellence
David Guttenfelder/National Geographic
"Cuba Basketball"

Award of Excellence
Fulvio Bugani
"On the ring"

Award of Excellence
Mario Tama/Getty Images
"Prison Soccer"

Award of Excellence
Eivind Senneset


Award of Excellence

"Prison Soccer"

MANAUS, BRAZIL - FEBRUARY 18: Inmates play soccer on a court painted with the Brazilian flag in the overcrowded Puraquequara prison on February 18, 2016 in Manaus, Brazil. The prison holds nearly 1,400 inmates, around twice as many as it was designed for. Brazil now holds the fourth-largest prison population in the world, behind the U.S., Russia and China, with the number of Brazilians behind bars nearly doubling in the past decade. The prison system currently holds more than 600,000 inmates, 61 percent over capacity, according to Human Rights Watch.



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